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Madonna | Quilt

Madonna | Quilt

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INSPIRATION: In Latin, Madonna means Our Lady. But this title has many other connotations beyond its strict translation. We think of Mary primarily as mother - a mother oftentimes depicted tenderly cradling her infant son shrouded by a blue mantle. Deeply rooted in Catholic symbolism, the blue of Mary's cloak has been interpreted to represent her purity, her virginity, and her royalty. 

This collection pays tribute to that paradigmatic depiction of Madonna and child. It is timeless just as Mary transcends the ages, and the deep blue is emblematic of the riches that abound under the protection of our Mother's mantle.

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: This quilt features our popular Madonna pattern on one side and a coordinating floral pattern on the other.

Each quilt is hand block printed and hand quilted in India from ethically-sourced materials. The quilts are printed on 100% cotton muslin with a thin layer of cotton between each layer. They make the perfect cozy throw or light, airy bedding.

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Care Instructions

All linens are machine washable. Wash on gentle cycle with like colors. Hang dry and then tumble dry on low heat to fluff.

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