Inspiration for Our Collections


INSPIRATION: Our Lady appeared to three young children on October 13, 1917, in Portugal, Fatima. Large crowds gathered in Fatima to catch a glimpse of a lady that three shepherd children had said appeared to them. Witnesses said that after a period of heavy rain, the clouds cleared and the sun began to "dance" across the sky. The children reported that the lady wore white and held a rosary in her hand. She implored them to pray the rosary everyday as this prayer would lead to the end of WWI.

When I think of Portugal, I imagine the color palette used in this collection: blues, soft greens, and vibrant reds. When I imagine Mary's apparition to the children, I imagine she spoke with the gentleness and care of a mother shrouded in a soft glow with the most beautiful, delicate features.


INSPIRATION:The Dogma of Mary's conception without sin asserts that "from the moment of her conception, the Blessed Virgin was, by the singular grace and privilege of Almighty God, and in view of the merits of Jesus Christ, Savior of Mankind, kept free from all stain of original sin."


INSPIRATION: In Latin, Madonna means Our Lady. But this title has many other connotations beyond its strict translation. We think of Mary primarily as mother - a mother oftentimes depicted tenderly cradling her infant son shrouded by a blue mantle. Deeply rooted in Catholic symbolism, the blue of Mary's cloak has been interpreted to represent her purity, her virginity, and her royalty. 

This collection pays tribute to that paradigmatic depiction of Madonna and child. It is timeless just as Mary transcends the ages, and the deep blue is emblematic of the riches that abound under the protection of our Mother's mantle.

New Eve

INSPIRATION: Eve is described in Genesis as "the mother of all the living." The blessed Mother is appropriately called the New Eve because she bore Jesus, who brings the ultimate victory.

This collection features a small scale block print pattern in muted green and misty blue on one side, and a floral pattern in various tones of green on the other. 

Stella Maris

INSPIRATION: Stella Maris means Star of the Sea in latin. This collection contains soft blues and greens reflective of the colors of the ocean. This title also perfectly captures Mary's role as our heavenly mother--she is the guiding star that can be found in the calm of the sea at night or amidst the tumultuous storm-tossed waves that try to divert our attention away from her son.


INSPIRATION: Many of the titles associated with the Blessed Mother symbolize her fruitfulness as in a garden--"Flourishing vine," "Keeper in the Vineyard," "Verdant Tree of live-giving joy" to name a few. It's no coincidence that Mary is often depicted surrounded by an abundance of flowers and verdant foliage. This imagery represents the splendor of Mary's glory, the beauty of her holiness, her undying mercy and succor. She is the fountain and source of new life. The equally vibrant and soft hues of green in this collection reflect a lush garden or Springtime vineyard bursting with new life.


INSPIRATION: The feast day of Our Lady of Victory also called Our Lady of the Rosary, is celebrated on October 7th. This collection reflects the colors of Autumn - warm hues of green, gold, and orange. It also features a repeating Marigold pattern, a flower rich in symbolism for the Blessed Mother. The marigold, also nicknamed “Mary’s Gold" in the twelfth century, boasts gold petals that have been likened to rays of light crowning Mary’s head, and the prodigal color is related to the generous giving of herself to God's plan.