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As part of the mission of Lovely Lady Linens, we are pleased to offer a portion of the proceeds from sales to help support the school in furthering the education of Mariamante Academy’s students in Mudende, Burundi.

These proceeds will be used primarily to help build a Science Lab for the school and secondarily, to develop a bakery with the goal that the school will eventually be self-sustaining and employ the students to help operate it and work there.

Any remaining funds will be used to provide school uniforms, textbooks, and a daily meal to each student.

History of Mariamante Academy

In 1995, my parents founded a classical, liberal arts high school, grades 7-12, in the basement of my Massachusetts childhood home.

It began as a small Catholic school for my siblings, me, and local families in our community. The curriculum was based on the tradition of St. Ignatius of Loyola, which means that we studied Latin, French, Theology, the Great Books, as well as the other core subjects.

In 2011, my mother learned of the desire for this type of education in a small country in Eastern Africa. Since then, the school has relocated to Burundi. Today, it is flourishing in the community with more than 65 students and continues to provide the same classical education.