How To Love a New Mom

How To Love a New Mom

After John Francis was born, we were humbled by the generosity of our friends, neighbors, and church community and their outpouring of love by bringing us meals.

I forget much of the early days (don’t we all?) surrounding his birth, but I do remember feeling particularly overwhelmed on nights that Vinny worked and I was left with a toddler and a newborn under my complete care.

In those days of postpartum not having to think of what I would be cooking for dinner was the greatest gift. It allowed me to spend my day learning how to be a mom to two without the added stress of figuring out what groceries I had on hand (or needed to buy) and then the preparation required to feed my family.

Many times we received meals from friends and fellow church members who were moms to six and seven children or expecting their sixth or seventh child, and I remember feeling so humbled by the kind gesture of providing a meal to our family when these moms already had so many little ones to feed.

These gestures of kindness shown to us reminded me of Mary visiting Elizabeth when Elizabeth was awaiting the birth of her son, John the Baptist. I have no doubt that Mary, although expecting her own child, cared for Elizabeth in many ways, including preparing meals for her. Perhaps Mary even stayed with Elizabeth or returned to help her after Elizabeth gave birth. And I’d like to think that Elizabeth returned the gesture after Jesus was born.

Bringing a meal to a new mom or a mom who has a new baby is one of the simplest and most thoughtful ways we can show love. So here are a few ideas and recipes to make for a mom who has just had her first—or sixth— baby.

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